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2017’s Best Creators of The Year

2017’s Best Creators of The Year
The Awards Team

The most interesting examples of snackable content on social media are those that surprise us in a positive way.
It’s all about digging deeper into the creativity well that’s within us, and using all the platform tools to push our creativity, to flourish and to ultimately create content that’s shocks, impresses and moves audiences.
Mobile and social offer anyone who is willing to play a world of possibilities for experimentation, expression and creativity. Let’s take a minute to refresh our memories and get inspired by last year’s Snackable Content Awards Best Creator of the Year, or should we say two?



Introducing you to the trendsetting duo from Los Angeles, @asenseofhuber and @TommyLundberg .
The creative team enjoys collaborating together more than anything and creating short-form content that’s truly never been seen before. They are proud to  consider each project as a unique opportunity to create something that makes people’s thumbs stop and take notice!
We had the pleasure of interviewing the duo, which allowed us to take a deeper look into their creative process and ask them a few key questions about what inspires them, in life, in work, and about the Snackable Content Awards. Take a look and see what they had to say:

Where does your inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from many places, but significantly from those who I surround myself with, in the creative process. I look up to other artists who think outside of the box, innovate ideas and avoid repeating themselves. I am inspired daily by my peers in the travel photography community, especially my talented friends in the Sony Alpha Imaging Collective. As we continue to discover and share the world’s beauty, we grow together through the power of nature.

What does “Snackable content” mean to you?
To me, it means digital media that is enjoyed quickly like a social snack. It has to be highly memorable, unique and pack a punch.

What does it mean for you to win this award?
Thank you for this feeling of accomplishment! I’m proud to be recognized for the efforts I have put into my artwork over the last several years as an influencer. Instagram changed my life and allowed me to find a perfect path for my talents. I am beyond happy to work in a space where my passion creates paychecks.

Find more about the last year’s winners here and learn more about the 2019 edition of the awards here.

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