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2019 edition: what’s new?

2019 edition: what’s new?
The Awards Team

We’ve entered a new era of digital content with an immersive experience in both video or photo and to celebrate this breakthrough, we’ve launched the 2019 edition of the Snackable Content Awards.

This international award aims to recognize mobile-oriented creative marketing efforts worldwide and acknowledge ideas in short-form content production. We honor industry innovation that elevates the user experience and the creators that are making thumb-stopping, short-form stories happen throughout social media.

This year we are taking things to the NEXT LEVEL!

With 90+ industry leaders from all over the world joining the Jury Panel and an outstanding partnership with Clear Channel that will feature the winning creatives throughout an impressive outdoor digital exhibition, this is a great opportunity to gain maximal exposure for your work!

How does it work?

You’ll be able to submit your work under 4 different categories:

  1. Best Snackable Content (divided per Industry)
  2. Best Snackable Content (divided per Creative Skill)
  3. Best Creative Stories (WOW Stories)
  4. Best Creator of the Year

Read more about the rules here

In addition to these categories, two additional awards will be attributed to both the « Best Agency Of The Year » and the « Best Brand Of The Year » for their outstanding work in the past year (no Submissions will be accepted for these two categories).  


Participating is super easy, with applications taking only a few minutes to complete.

That’s what we like to call Snackable submissions! 


Deadline: November 30th


After the winning announcement on January 9th, a digital outdoor exhibition will take over the city of Paris. Winning creatives will be broadcasted on more than 780 digital screens in Paris generating over 38,000,000 impressions and reaching over 6,000,000 individuals! Special thanks to Clear Channel, our partners for making this possible!



About  The Snackable Content Awards
The Snackable Content Awards is organized by The Source, brands and agency’s source for leading digital artists, specialized in creating thumb-stopping short-form branded content for mobile and social.

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